Concepta management team, Manuel Dsilva

Manuel Dsilva

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Pune, India

Co-founded Concepta Software Solutions, in January 2010.

Since college, he has been an entreprenuer at work, powering up a printing and designing firm with a clientele all around the Pune city. His business and a people person nature, gives him an edge to create an impactful and resourceful network of great talent. Manuel holds a Bachelor in Computer Science from Pune University.

Manuel's passion lies in getting things done!. He oversea's the entire offshore office in Pune and takes care of all the administrative taks.

Concepta management team, Andreh Braekeh

Andreh Braekeh

Human Resources & Client Relations

Boston, USA

Andreh joined Concepta in 2012.

Andreh has been involved with Concepta in multiple roles from day-2-day operations in Boston, to accounts and client relations. She holds her Bachelors in Accounting from UMASS, MA.

Andreh's passion lies in the big bang theory.

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